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A Gentleman's War - Bolt Action Starter Set by Warlord Games - a WW2 Tabletop Strategy Battle Game for 2 or more players

A Gentleman's War - Bolt Action Starter Set by Warlord Games - a WW2 Tabletop Strategy Battle Game for 2 or more players

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Bolt Action puts YOU in command of the most brutal and famous battles of the Second World War. 

Recreate the campaigns fought across the parched, dusty Western Desert with A Gentleman's War, a Bolt Action starter set which pits the forces of the The Desert Rats of the British 8th Army against their Axis foes, the Deutsche Afrika Korps. Although the fighting in this theatre encompassed intense battles such as El Alamein and the siege of Tobruk, it lacked the fanaticism and atrocities seen in other theatres and so became known as “a gentleman's war”.

This starter set has everything you need to play games of Bolt Action and recreate the conflict across the arid deserts of North Africa. The box includes plastic miniatures and everything else you need to start fighting:

  • 24 British 8th Army infantry - drawing on men from around Britain and the Commonwealth, the 8th Army fought first against the Italians and then the Germans. With a variety of weapons for your squads including Bren guns, plus peaked caps and revolvers to make officers, and support teams such as mortars and anti-tank rifles, there are also alternative heads for Scottish regiments or soldiers of the Indian Army. 
  • 24 German Afrika Korps infantry - Led by the mercurial Erwin Rommel, the “Desert Fox”, the Afrika Korps fought the British across the desert back to their base in Egypt. With a choice of the classic Stahlhelm, sun helmets or field caps, also included are a range of weapons such as the famous MG34, sub machine guns, anti-tanks rifles and 5cm mortars, as well as equipment packs and components for assembling command models.
  • Humber Mk II/IV armoured car -Reconnaissance was vital in the open spaces of the Western Desert, a task at which the Humber excelled. Fast and able to cross rough terrain it was equipped with a light autocannon and machine gun, though the kit can also be built with a 37mm anti tank gun. .
  • Sd.Kfz 222/223 armoured car - Like their British counterparts, German armoured cars ranged across the dusty wastes scouting for enemy forces, and the 222 was well up to the task. The model can alternatively be assembled as a command vehicle.
  • Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook - in A5 softback format. The full game rules so that once you have mastered the basics you can expand your forces and fight bigger, even more exciting battles. Includes army lists for all the main combatants and a variety of scenarios.
  • Quickstart guide and reference sheets to get you fighting battles straight away.
  • All the markers, tokens and dice you need to play, plus a range of decals.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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