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Island Assault - A Bolt Action starter set for 2 or more players by Warlord Games

Island Assault - A Bolt Action starter set for 2 or more players by Warlord Games

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Bolt Action puts YOU in command of the most brutal and famous battles of the Second World War. 

After the devastating attack on Pearl Harbour, the US found itself fighting a desperate series of battles against the seemingly unstoppable Japanese, finally halting their advance in their ferocious defence of Guadalcanal. Eventually they began to turn the tide, and with the United States Marine Corps in the vanguard began a series of island hopping campaigns that saw some of the most brutal and hard-fought battles of the War.

The Island Assault starter set has everything you need to play games of Bolt Action and start recreating these campaigns, as the US forces sought to reclaim the Japanese advances, from the Phillipines to Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The set includes plastic miniatures and terrain, as well as everything else you need to start fighting the vicious jungle battles :

  • 24 US Marines - amongst the toughest US troops, supplied in a range of poses and with a variety of heads and equipment options, as well as components to make commanders. A separate weapons frame has rifles, including a scoped rifle to make a sniper team, sub machine guns and automatic rifles, and a bazooka to take on enemy armour. 
  • 24 Imperial Japanese Army Soldiers - disciplined and brave warriors feared by the Allies. Included are a range of weapons including rifles, sub machine guns and light machine guns, light mortars, terrifying anti-tank lunge mines and the iconic samurai sword wielded by officers and NCOs, with a variety of heads. 
  • Japanese Chi-Ha tank - armour played less of a role in the Pacific, due to the densely packed jungle. The Chi-Ha was well suited to this terrain, being light and manoeuvrable, and comes with two gun options.
  • M3A1 Half-track - the iconic half-track was a symbol of American superiority in logistics and mechanisation. As well as being able to quickly transport up to 12 men across the battlefield it can be equipped with up to three medium and heavy machine guns.
  • Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rulebook - in A5 softback format. The full game rules so that once you have mastered the basics you can expand your forces and fight bigger, even more exciting battles. Includes army lists for all the main combatants and a variety of scenarios.
  • Pill box and spider holes - evocative battlefields really bring the game to life and these terrain pieces, exclusive to this set, are a great way to start your collection or add to your existing terrain.
  • Quickstart guide and reference sheets to get you fighting battles straight away.
  • All the markers, tokens and dice you need to play.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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