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Victrix VXM001 - Medieval Knights - 18 x 28mm Plastic Figures - Late 12th to mid 13th Century

Victrix VXM001 - Medieval Knights - 18 x 28mm Plastic Figures - Late 12th to mid 13th Century

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18 x Knights and fully barded horses

We are really proud to be able to tell you or eagerly awaited Mounted Medieval Knights are here!

On Friday we received frames of both horses and riders and what can we say but wow! I know we are biased as we make this stuff, but these are at the very top of what we have produced so far. From concept and research to the sculptors and the engineers and the tooling guys, everybody has been on their A game on this set of miniatures.

The mail is the finest we have produced as it needed to work over the full legs and arms, but we still needed to keep it crisp and sharp which is exactly what we achieved.

Movement and dynamism as well as accuracy and detail was a prime objective with this set. You can see from the leans in the saddle, to the raised and dipped shoulders wielding their variety of weapons, and their billowing surcoats and barding on the charging horses that this has been the end result.

There is a massive choice of 18 heads in this set covering the varying and changing styles from the late 12th to the mid 13th Century. There are some open faced designs which then started to add the metal face guard and then to the completely enclosing barrel helms. Later Great helms and Sugar loaf helms will be covered in a later set.

There are a variety of shield shapes, mostly heater style, both long and short, but also a teardrop option in there as this had not totally dropped out of use at this time.

What do you get?

  • 18 x Knights and fully barded horses
  • 54 x Helmet heads
  • 24 x shields
  • 30 x lance arms with enough to make every figure with an upright or couched lance
  • 12 x axe arms
  • 6 x mace arms
  • 18 x sword arms
  • 33 x shield arms
  • 18 x swords in scabbards
  • 18 x horses

(Transfers purchased separately)

This set can be used as Knights and Men at arms that fought from the late 12th to mid 13th Century during the Crusades, the Barons War and the many conflicts that raged throughout Feudal Europe during this time of turmoil.

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